Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing ?

Digital Marketing is a science of publicizing services or brands or products through one or more forms of electronic media. Digital Marketing encompasses different channels and approaches to fortify a company’s marketing campaigns and also helps in comprehending the factors of the marketing campaign like “what worked and what didn’t work” with the metrics and analytics. Digital marketers keep an eye on things being searched and viewed by customers. They also track the customer’s interest by tracking the information of consumer behavior like how often and for how long a customer has visited a website to search his interest, and hence design the Digital Marketing approach for conversions with what works and doesn’t work!. Marketing via Internet has become phenomenal, perhaps, the most customer friendly channel which is technically identified with digital marketing. Also some of the other popular digital marketing methods like mobile apps, digital television, podcasts, wireless text messaging, mobile instant messaging, electronic billboards, and radio channels, etc. are still some of useful available practices.

Why Digital Marketing at Smart Age?

Since its inception in 2004, Smart Age has chosen the best trainers whose expertise in Digital Marketing helped in making many successful marketing campaigns of marquee companies.

Learning Digital Marketing at Smart Age will enrich the student’s abilities at researching web, analyzing web, writing for Web. Smart Age helps its students of Digital Marketing in data gathering and its conceptualization. By the time a student have finished Digital Marketing course at Smart Age, He or She will have gained considerable knowledge in Digital Marketing with continued learning in managing campaigns, a role that grows in importance as reputation becomes ever more critical to a successful business. Eventually, Students of Smart Age become confident that they can make valuable contributions to any organizations Digital Marketing initiatives, for sure would benefit any company’s day-to-day business development.

This is a brief of Digital Marketing course at Smart Age. Please read below.

Search Engine Optimization:

Keyword Research: Identify profitable keywords based on product being promoted using keywords tools

Competitor Analysis: Monitor competitor activities on daily basis (promotions, Prices, Ad Messaging) and act accordingly.

Web Analytics: Analyze website traffic, using Google analytics.

Social Media Optimization: optimizing social media platforms like Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn to drive traffic to the website

Social Media Marketing: Paid Marketing via social media platforms like Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn to drive traffic to the website

Email Marketing: Creating an Email campaigns in order to manage Subscribers using email marketing software.

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